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Audit and Attest Services


If you require a high level of assurance to third parties, we can perform an audit in accordance with generally accepted audit standards.  Audit services consist primarily of the examination (testing of records and confirmation internally and externally of data) of the financial statements and the issuance of our opinion as independent CPAs on the fairness of presentation of the financial position and operating results.  We use a constructive approach to auditing by acquiring a knowledge of the client's accounting and operational controls. We specialize in Not-For-Profit, Governmental and all Non-Public Company audits.

Reviews and Compilations

Some third parties don't require an audit, we can also perform a review or compilation.  Both a review and a compilation are substantially less in scope than an audit performed in accordance with generally accepted audit standards, but they still provide financial statements representative of management. A compilation only presents financial statements that are the representation of management. A review presents the same representation, but includes analytical review, inquiries of personnel and other procedures performed on the financial statements enabling us to determine whether there is a substantial departure from that representation.

Agreed Upon Procedures

Sometimes you may need agreed-upon procedures performed, due diligence services or reporting on forecasted or projected financial statements. In these situations we can examine, review, or apply agreed-upon procedures to subject matter or assertions about subject matter.

Management Use Only

Some business clients just want to be able to gauge their company's operations more frequently but are not in need of any third party assurance. In this case we can provide management use only financial statements monthly or quarterly so you can see how your operations are performing as well as for income tax planning.

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