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Troubled Busineses and Bankruptcy Services

In today's dynamic business environment, many once financially sound companies are now experiencing financial difficulties. While often difficult to pinpoint a single source of financial downturn, an inadequate response to external or internal factors such as the following generally contributes to a company's economic deterioration


External Factors:

- Obsolescence of product or services

- Declining demand for products or services

-Loss of a principal customer or supplier

-Loss of a key franchise, license or patent

-Legal proceedings or unfavorable legislation that jeopardizes a company's ability to operate

-Uninsured natural disasters

-Cyclical natual disasters

-Entry of new competitors in the marketplace


Internal Factors:

-Inadequate management

-Strikes, work stoppages, or other labor difficulties

-Excessive debt

-Quality control problems

-Inefficient production due to obsolete facilities

-Inadequate accounting information system

-Poor marketing, pricing or distribution practices

-Loss of key personnel

-Over-expansion or uncontrolled growth

-Uneconomic long-term commitments

-Unprofitable product mix


-Excessive operating costs



(PPC Checkpoint: RIA; Financially Troubled Businesses and Bankruptcy Consulting)


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