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CFO On Call



Just because your business is too small to afford a full-time, top-flight Chief Financial Officer doesn't mean you have less need for one than a larger company. Our unique "CFO On-Call Program" is a needs-based service that provides expert CFO services without the cost of hiring a full-time CFO.

"The secret to success today is learning to do more with less." We can provide more sound financial advice with less investment by your business. We can help you see the big picture and make sound business decisions on topics ranging from finance to operations, management and information systems. Our wide-ranging business experience and knowledge of financial matters provides the kind of background you would look for in a CFO... if you were going to hire one. With our "CFO On-Call Program" you don't have to take such a big step until you are ready. In the meantime you can get a better view of your business needs from your most trusted business advisors... your CPA at The Phillips Organization.

CFO On-Call Services Include:
• Finance: Including banking, cash flow analysis and more.

• Operations: Including break even analysis, job costing and similar services.

• Management: Including defining organizational charts, Human Resource Functions and more.

• We are also skilled at designing and streamlining accounting systems, information flow systems, marketing plans and similar business functions.

"CFO On-Call" allows you to make the call. We can be as involved as you need. Some of our "CFO On-Call" clients require monthly meetings. Others have us sit in on weekly meetings as part of the management team. With CFO On-Call you make the call.


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