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The Phillips Organization recommends Quickbooks to small businesses in need of a user friendly cost effective accounting software. QuickBooks is flexible and adaptable to a wide range of small businesses.  QuickBooks has been designed for small business owners who aren't experts in accounting and bookkeeping. Using QuickBooks will help simplify work you already do-like paying bills, invoicing customers, paying employees,tracking sales tax, and much more.

Paul DeLuca, CPA is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  ProAdvisors are QuickBooks experts that have completed a comprehensive QuickBooks training course and exam in order to become certified. A Proadvisor can get you started on the right foot, aiding in set-up, training and troubleshooting... even helping you move from whatever your current accounting method is to QuickBooks.

Even if you already have an accounting professional serving you, if they don't happen to provide QuickBooks-related setup,
training, and consultation services, you should consider contacting a local Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. 

Here are just a few examples of what you could learn:

  • How using a financial software can save you time
  • Which edition of QuickBooks is the best for your unique business needs
  • How to manage your cash flow at start-up
  • How to accurately track expenses and income
  • How Qbooks can integrate with other software packages
  • Use Job Cost Tracking and Estimating

QuickBooks users who get help through a ProAdvisor or accounting professional have a higher satisfaction level with QuickBooks.
Whether you need help setting up and customizing QuickBooks, learning how to more efficiently use the software, or better
understanding the financial data you currently have in QuickBooks, a ProAdvisor is available to help you get the most
out of the software. A Proadvisor CPA can setup your accounting system accurately and help you get the best benefit from the software.









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