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What Is The Big Picture

There are few people who know more about your business than your accountant, especially if you are a client of The Phillips Organization.  Accountants have a unique view of your business:

A view that is somewhat detached due to our role as an outsider.

A view that includes all the knowledge we have of businesses similar to yours.

It's a view that allows us to help our clients see beyond day to day issues.

We call it "The Big Picture".

Here's what it means to you:

At The Phillips Organization we have purposely developed special knowledge to help our clients solve special problems. Two of our partners are among the few people in the area to have earned the title of Certified Valuation Analyst so we can help you establish the value of your business and other assets.

Our specialized knowledge in a number of areas, including Human Resources, QuickbooksTM, and flow systems allows us to work with clients as valued Business Advisors.

We have even put together a unique program called "CFO On-Call" that offers small businesses the resources of a professional CFO without the expense of hiring one.

There are a lot of ways we can help you see beyond your company's walls. 

So if "The Big Picture" is important to you, give us a call.

The view sure looks good from here. 





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